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Help! ClickBank is Telling Me to Cut My Price

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You’ve created an offer and you’ve submitted it to ClickBank.

The problem is, ClickBank is telling you to lower the price and you don’t want to.

Worse yet, you plan on selling the same product on another platform at your original price.

What should you do?

If you offer the product in one place at $50, and another place at $100 and people find out, they could get angry. Affiliates might not be too happy, either.

ClickBank says that if, after 8 weeks of good sales and low charge backs, they’ll let you raise the price.

Here’s what you might do to make everyone happy:

Offer two versions of your product. The higher priced product gets something extra, like coaching calls or videos, that are not included on the lower priced version.


You can now sell at both places with two different prices, keep ClickBank happy, keep customers and affiliates happy, and all is good.

One more thing: This will be a form of A/B price testing. And it is entirely possible you will make MORE at the lower price point than the higher price point. Time will tell.