Affiliate Marketing

7.75 Ways to Reduce Refunds

No one likes refunds.
You don’t like them because they’re a hassle and they (seemingly) cut into your profits.
Your payment processor doesn’t like them because it makes them nervous. While not nearly as bad as chargebacks, too many refunds can still raise a red flag and cause your processor to wonder if you might be a bad risk.

How to Choose an Affiliate Offer to Promote

There are plenty of keys that will determine whether you’ll make a nice chunk of change with your affiliate marketing efforts. One of the bigger keys, however, rests with you choosing the right product to promote. Now, for the purpose

The #1 Best Way to Promote an Affiliate Offer

Quick, what’s the best way to promote an affiliate offer? Plenty of aspiring affiliates might rattle off answers such as “Use Facebook!” or “Drive traffic with Google AdWords.” Sadly, these and similar answers are all wrong. Why? Because if you