The Grasshopper & The Ants

The Grasshopper & The Ants is one of Aesop’s Fables, it tells of a lazy grasshopper enjoying the sun, whilst the ants work feverishly, building up their nest and their stores for winter. When winter comes, the grasshopper has nothing and goes begging to the ants and is turned away. The moral of the story is all about hard work and planning for the future. However, there is another view of the fable, that views the ant’s industry as mean and selfish.

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Believe, Achieve, Succeed

I was walking down the high street today, and I walked past someone carrying a bag with the sentiment, “Believe, Achieve, Succeed” written on it. I think it was for a school or an academy in the area. But it struck me that those are three very good simple core principals that we should be instilling in our young folk these days.

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Extra Facebook Cash

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$4,058 a Month Charging for Plugins You Own

This is an interesting little niche business that yields good money, and it’s also a case study. And while I can’t divulge every detail, I can share enough to get you started.
This is about leveraging your knowledge of technology that most offline businesses simply don’t have.

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Who Are You Wearing Today?

Okay, this doesn’t have a lot to do with internet marketing, and yet it’s got EVERYTHING to do with becoming whatever it is that you want to be…
…including a million dollar a year marketer.