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Are You Getting Paid Up Front Yet?

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One of the differences between successful marketers and unsuccessful marketers is how they get paid.

For example, if you have to wait every month for the $7 payments on your monthly newsletter to roll in, things can be difficult.

Wouldn’t you like to get paid up front? Offer an incentive to pay for a whole year at one time. Then continue offering the incentive to new subscribers. When a year rolls around, you’ll now be getting annual renewals, too.

Or sell coaching and take your monthly fees up front. 5 students at $1,000 a month on the first of the month would probably pay all of your bills on the first of the month, too.

This makes budgeting cashflow so much easier.

Look at your business and see where you can offer up front yearly or monthly pricing.

If you don’t have anything you can charge for up front, think about it. It’s nice to have that lump sum come in the door when you need it.