• 9 Stats to Remind You Why Content Marketing WORKS

    Paid advertising is great because once you’ve got ads and a funnel that works, you can turn on the switch anytime you’re willing to spend money to make money.

  • How One Little Notebook Can Double Your Income

    Anytime and every time you do anything in your business, write it down.
    Found a new resource? A new shortcut? A new market? Had a brilliant idea? Or even a crazy idea? Write it all down.

  • An Underhanded but Highly Profitable Method

    I’m not endorsing what I’m about to reveal.
    But I’m also not going to judge (much). Instead, I’ll simply report on this method and let you decide for yourself.

  • 3 Step Profits: Watch News – Deploy Report – Make Money

    Here’s a simple little case study that you can employ in almost any niche.

    This gal I know writes simple little reports that are evergreen. Example topics might be:
    How to build a sales funnel using other people’s products
    How to build a Facebook Group of 3,000 in 60 days and earn $10,000 a month
    How to build a simple membership site and get 25 new members every month, regardless of price

  • Mysteries

    We all love a good mystery, and in my working life one of the greatest mysteries I’ve ever come across is the one called expectations.

  • 12 Proven Email Copywriting Templates Guaranteed to Get Clicks

    This is the part where I tell you that email is not dead. Why we have to keep saying that, I don’t know, but it seems like we do.

  • Renovating Your Lousy Out-of-Date 404 Error Pages

    A 404 Error Page is what a visitor sees (or should see) when they land on a page that is no longer there. Some links go bad over time because products get removed or content gets deleted. Or maybe there are changes in the permalink structure, or gremlins ate the page. It can happen. It DOES happen.

  • How to NEVER Feel Slimy When Selling

    On or off the internet, you are always selling something to someone.
    Maybe you’re selling your parents on why they should pay for your college.

List Building

How to Get a 200% Increase in Opt-Ins

Here’s how a simple change to your opt-in page can give you a 200% increase in your conversions.
Or rather…
The BIG mistake you’re making right now that’s costing you a TON of opt-ins every single day.

List Building

Killer Copy for Your ‘Thank You for Subscribing’ Page

It’s hard to know sometimes just what you’re supposed to put on each page of your funnel, including your, ‘thank you for subscribing’ page.
You need to reassure new subscribers that they did the right thing. You’ve got to let them know how to get the lead magnet. And you want to convince them to click on that email and follow the instructions.

List Building

15 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Increase Subscribers

You’ve created a dynamite report or lead magnet that is super helpful and meets your audience’s needs – Yah!!!
And you’ve even got a hot converting offer (or two) embedded inside the lead magnet so that you can start earning right away – Awesome!
Now all you need to do is get the lead magnet in front of people so you can build your list and start making sales.

List Building

How to Build a Super Responsive List Using a Chatbot

Here’s how to build a profitable messenger bot for your business so you can build a large customer list with a high open rate.
What’s your open rate on your emails? Odds are it’s not nearly as high as you would like, right?
Just suppose you could get open rates of 50%, 75% and even higher? Could you make some serious money?