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Do You Want To Meet Millionaires?

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Maybe you want access to their connections, or their insights, or you have a business idea and you need an investor.

Whatever your reason, if you want to meet millionaires, here are a few tips:

Go where they hang out. A lot of millionaires go to Summit, as well as TED and other events where people are sharing big ideas. And investor events are a no-brainer for finding millionaires.

Look for like-minded people who are similar to you, so that you have a connection. Find out what you have in common and build on that.

If you’re trying to meet millionaires just because you want to know rich people, you won’t be successful. You can’t collect rich friends like you collect rocks.

Instead, find a way to help them.

For example, you’re a marketer and they own businesses, so offer them help in growing their businesses. Don’t ask for money in return, just be a friend. The way many of these people got rich is by being open to suggestions and feedback, because they know they don’t know everything.

As you spend time with them, they’re naturally going to want to reciprocate for your help. They might introduce you to their friends and colleagues or offer advice of their own.

Don’t treat them differently than other people. Don’t act like a fan, act like a friend.

Keep their confidence. They’re having trouble with one of their businesses, and you’re helping with the marketing? Don’t blab about it and don’t gossip. And don’t brag to others that you’re best pals with this person, either.

Everyone, including and especially millionaires, appreciates it when you keep their confidence.

Have fun and be yourself. Don’t get all uptight, thinking about how they could buy and sell you at a moment’s notice. Just relax and enjoy your new relationship. Who knows, you might one day get an invitation to spend a week on their private island.