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If You’re Good at Marketing, You Don’t Need Products

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Heck, you don’t need services or customers, for that matter.

You just need clients.

If you know marketing, you can go into any business field and work with the people in that field to make more sales.

A certain consultant is the highest paid coach in the real estate niche. Yet he’s never sold real estate in his life. Realtors pay him big money because they know that he can show them how to get more business than they can handle.

Another guy has made a fortune telling chiropractors how to market their businesses, yet he’s no chiropractor.

The key is to get really great at marketing, and then you can go into any field you choose and command top dollar.

And better still, it’s actually easier for you – and outsider – to see what needs to be done in a business than it is for the person working in the business.

So, if you don’t want to sell products yourself, then hire yourself out as a hired gun in the industry of your choice. Specialize in that industry, and you can command top dollar for your services.

When you get really good at what you’re doing and you’ve built a nice reputation, you might want to charge an upfront fee and a percentage of the business you bring in.

You’ll make a fortune with this method.